I love these pants!



Hello WordPress.  I was having so much trouble with blogger that I took my blog elsewhere.  Please bare with me, as it will take sometime for me to get use to WordPress and have my blog set up the way I want.  However, I still had a desire to share my love of plus size fashion and popular culture and just…document…My life.  So here I am.  I’m Samille!  A fun loving outgoing, Singer/Actress from New Jersey.  If I didn’t go to school for musical theater I probably would have went into styling or being a fashion editor, for its another passion.  I’m addicted to Asos, Prince, Musicals, showers, London and off the radar performance art.  I hope you get that from the blog.  You can catch me on Twitter and Instagram @thickspot and I appreciate you for either sticking with me or checking me out.In my first post here on WordPress I have to talk about these Asos Curve peg pants.  I purchased them in Asos’s recent sale and, well…they are perfect.  Everyone that saw me in them said so also!  They even have a slimming effect, which is always welcomed.  A harem pant indeed, perfect for any weather and occasion.  I wear them dressed down right now, but I’m sure I will eventually wear the, dressed up.  Comfy, roomy, stylish, I’m in love!  And wore them twice in a two dar period.  

Here are my looks!




                                         BOTTOMS-asos curve, BLAZER – torrid, SHOES- Payless 



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