Sweater frenzy






Withe weather being more and more intense.  And i mean in a extremely cold way, I knew I had to stock up on sweaters; without breaking the bank.  Growing up sweaters were my least favorite thing.  So thick, so itchy, so heavy….especially when you have an even heavier coat over it.  So it’s kinda funny the very place I stocked up was a place where 10 to 15 year old sweaters were the commodity.  The Red, White and Blue!  And not just any Red, White and Blue!  But what I consider to be Thee Red, White and Blue!  A thrift store that is organized and has its own plus size section.  However, I found these comfy winners in the men’s section!!!  Ladies don’t sleep on the men’s section!  They have more over sized arm room and I think built to last.  Since guys don’t like to shop as much as us!  😉  So I’m all stocked up and they were only $2.99!!!  I got my Bill Cosby on!




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