Torrid and The Met

ImageBeing a person that is in love with theater and in “like” with Opera you may think my experience at the Met was going to be one lost in translation.  I mean sure there were beautiful Parisian women there, rich aristocratic old money and young emerging artist dreaming and envisioning themselves right up there along with  some of today’s top Opera stars.  For the Met is one of the leading Opera House’s in the world.  Certainly in all of the Americas.


I’m not going to lie, I first felt like I would be looked down upon.  Shunned for expose my big girl thighs and wearing a dress that isn’t vintage or $1200 dollars.  But I did it, tight-less.  That’s right, no tights, bare legged.  Of course I broke some necks of women they don’t eat for the name of fashion, or for being socially excepted.  But I will say that I got a lot of “Yes Mama” looks from  men that seemed to like all my junk, in all my trunks.  I’ve been waiting to wear this dress that the forever trendy plus size fashion store Torrid calls MARBLE.  However to me it always looked a little Baroque!  Seeing that my destination was the Baroque Opera Norma, I figured it was very appropriate.

Image   And at $38, I dare someone to argue with me about it.  I finally got to wear my ever so classic nude low heeled pumps from DSW, pulled together by this wrap around belt from Baby Phat from years ago, I felt like how those rich people smelled, like a million bucks.  I strutted my stuff through Upper East side having what I said to myself, ” my Carrie Bradshaw moment”.


Joined by my friend Ionna, this night couldn’t be more perfect.  Then Anthony Marantino walked right pass me while the performers were done taking their bows.  That’s right, Charlotte’s gay on Sex and the City!  Mario!  I knew then that I did indeed have my Sex and the City moment.

Me, the Met and Torrid!